Spike Goes Up

Wed 18th Dec 2002

Spike Goes UpThe monument officially called as "The Spire of Dublin" and "The Monument of Light", but locally known as "The Spike" has at last started to come together in Dublin's O'Connell Street.

The first twenty metre section was hoisted erect by one of the biggest cranes ever seen in Ireland on Wednesday. It will eventually become a 120m tall polished steel spire as the remaining five pieces arrive over the next couple of weeks.

Built on the site of the old Nelson's Pillar, it will form an imposing centrepiece for the city. The top section will be perferated and the tip made of glass to allow light to flow out from a powerful searchlight inside.

The project is over two years late, having been held up by legal challenges.

Although LostCarPark thinks the spire will be quite cool when finished, one can't help thinking that a flying saucer shaped rotating restaurant would be the perfect way to bring Dublin into the twenty-first century...

Photos of the construction process

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