Phoenix Convention announces Guest of Honour

Sat 11th Jan 2003

Phoenix Convention announces Guest of HonourThe Phoenix Convention (or P-CON for short) is the Irish SF

convention for 2003. It is an SF convention taking place in Dublin, Ireland on the weekend of the 27th & 28th of September 2003. P-CON will be focussing primarily on the written aspect of the genres (SF in this instance being used as a sort of handy catch-all for Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror), rather than on other media, although this is not to say that the convention won't be straying a little into various other things.

The Guest of Honour for P-CON is well-known Scottish SF writer Ken MacLeod. Other guests of the convention include Juliet E McKenna, Kim Newman and Ian Watson, amongst many others.

The convention is being held in the Ashling Hotel, which is on the banks of the River Liffey beside the Phoenix Park (hence the con's name), and directly opposite the world-famous Guinness Brewery. The hotel is within 15 minutes walk of the centre of Dublin City, and is well served by both buses and rail.

P-CON has an official UK agent in the person of Dave Lally, who will be representing the convention's interests at various British conventions, most notably Eastercon.

The cost for the convention is:

Further information about the convention can be found on the con site, or by writing to the con mailing-list address at

Phoenix Convention Website

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