Sproutlore Announces Brentford Convention

Tue 25th May 2004

Sproutlore Announces Brentford ConventionJames Bacon of Sproutlore sent us the following information about his latest convention, which looks like it will be a lot of fun. LostCarPark will certainly be sending its minions to report back on the event.

Brentcon - A Sproutlore Convention in the heart of Rankin Country

6th-8th August - Various venues around Brentford - Entry is 22 (Sproutlore members) or 30 non-members.

From the people who brought you such gems as They Came and Shaved Us and Aliens Stole my Handbag, comes their latest offering: a more relaxed and genteel weekend of fun and entertainment around the famous borough of Brentford.

Talks, walks, picnics, disco's, auctions, raffles, treasure hunts, drinking, official ceremonies, signings, launches and a live performance by the Rock Gods, are some of the goings on that will be going on.

Robert Rankin will be launching his latest Brentford book, Knees up Mother Earth, which stars a very special Brentford Football team, during the weekend.

Sproutlore are taking this opportunity to celebrate the book and borough as only they can.

This is a Sproutlore members event, and Non members will have to join the club, or alternatively ask a member to join them up, as all members may bring a companion to the convention for 22 also.

Further details can be found on http://www.sproutlore.com/events/brentcon

Cheques and POs made out to Sproutlore can be sent to:

211 Black Horse Ave., Dublin 7, Ireland.

Email queries to info@sproutlore.com

Sproutlore The Now Official Robert Rankin Fanclub

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