Octocon meets its Nemesis

Fri 18th Oct 2002

Octocon meets its NemesisAn exclusive 6-minute preview of the new Star Trek movie, Nemesis, which opens in cinemas in November, will be shown at Octocon. Chairman James Brophy said: "It's a great coup for Octocon and we are indebted to the good people at UIP Dublin for their support."

The convention takes place on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of October in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dublin.

The convention will also feature guest writer China Miéville, who wrote the highly-acclaimed novels, The Scar, Perdido Street Station and King Rat.

Other events during the weekend include an improvisation by the actors from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre, a round-up of Irish Horror and Sci-Fi movies, a wide range of panels and discussions, a room full of science fiction dealers, a network of PCs for multi-player gaming, and a fancy dress masquerade and disco.

Watch out for live reports from the convention on LostCarPark!

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