A Drupal Advent Calendar

By lostcarpark_admin, 1 December, 2022
Advent Calendar with all doors closed

Last night, as I lay in bed, a thought hit me.

There are many themed Advent Calendars. They used to be aimed at children, but these days there are many aimed at adults too. As a fifty-two year old kid, I was looking forward to opening the first door of my LEGO advent calendar, while my partner had been talking about her very expensive Whiskey calendar.

So, it hit me. Drupal needs an Advent Calendar.

As I lay awake, grand plans for open sourcing an Advent Calendar started to form. I thought of ideas for getting different contributors for each window of the calendar.

However, as it’s already the 1st of December, none of that is really practical.

So my simplified plan is to write a blog post about a Drupal module for each window of the calendar.

At this point I have some vague ideas of modules I might include, but do not think there is anything that could be called a plan.

The modules I include will include some common ones, and some more obscure ones. Some will be well established, while others will be quite recent additions. Some will be ones I have a lot of experience with, while others may be ones I haven’t actually tried yet, but I will at least build them into a test site before I write about them. Some of them will get added to this site during the life of the calendar.

I hope some of you will come along for the ride, and see where it takes us.

And if it works out, I might try something grander for 2023.

The clendar with no windows open.


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