By james, 9 December, 2022

Welcome to day 9 of the Drupal Advent Calendar!

First I must apologise for yesterday. I posted the link to the post of the day on various social media, but I forgot to set the post into a published state before I shared, so nobody could access it.

So today I am sharing a way of preventing this sort of mistake.

Enter the Scheduled Publish module. Instead of manually scheduling a post it allows it to be automatically scheduled at a specified time, cutting out the risk of forgetting to hit “publish”.

By james, 6 December, 2022

Welcome to day 6 of the Drupal Advent Calendar, and today’s door is another simple yet helpful module.

Have you ever had a piece of content that you needed to have someone review before going live?

Of course you could copy and paste it into an email, but that can be error prone, and may not appear exactly as it will be on the site, so errors with formatting can be missed.