By james, 14 December, 2023

It’s day 14, and we’re wrapping up the second week with a big topic. Ryan Price (liberatr) joins us to talk about DDEV, the local development environment.

When you first boot up your computer and start working on a local copy of your site, what does that look like? Is it easy? Is it a chore? (please tell me you’re working locally if you’re doing any theme or module development)

By james, 13 December, 2023


It’s day 13 and we’ve fewer than half of the doors remaining. For today’s door we’re taking a break from modules to talk about mentoring with Anto Jose (antojose).

I would like to use this calendar day to tell you about my experience mentoring at DrupalCons.

By james, 11 December, 2023

Welcome back to day 11 of the Drupal Advent Calendar. Behind today’s door Surabhi Gokte (surabhi-gokte) talks about her journey as volunteer coordinator.

Seven years ago, if someone said I would travel out of my country and be a super active community contributor, I’d have laughed it off. But things changed, and it wasn’t an overnight transformation. It required time, energy, money, patience, belief, and much more.