By james, 15 December, 2022

Welcome back to the Drupal Advent Calendar, and after yesterday’s epic post for the Drupal 10 launch, I will keep today’s short and to the point.

With no subheadings.

We all like a nice looking site, and one thing that helps a site look nice is good typography. You can select nice fonts, but you still need to pick the right characters to display, and that’s where today’s module, Typogrify, helps.

By james, 14 December, 2022


It’s day 14 of the Drupal Advent Calendar, and today is a very special day for Drupal fans. Today we see the launch of Drupal 10, which is sort of a bit like Christmas coming early.

Yesterday I talked about getting ready for Christmas Drupal 10 with the Upgrade Status module, so I thought that today it might be a nice idea to take a short break from modules to see about what we can expect from Drupal 10.

By james, 13 December, 2022

Welcome to day 13 of the Drupal Advent Calendar.

If all goes to plan, Drupal version 10 will be released tomorrow, so this seems a good time to talk about the Upgrade Status module.

Upgrade Status is all about telling you if your site is ready to upgrade to Drupal 10.

It will scan all of the modules present on your site and tell you if there is a Drupal 10 version of the module available.

By james, 12 December, 2022

It’s day 12. Can you believe it? Half way through the calendar already.

Today’s module is a simple, but useful one: AddToAny Share Buttons.

This module is designed to help visitors to your site to share your posts to social media sites or email. It is another one that you can install and just let it do it’s thing.

There are a few options for customisation, but it works fine with the default settings. You may find it helpful to change the default list of icons to display, for example.

By james, 11 December, 2022

Welcome back to the Drupal Advent Calendar, and it’s time to open door 11.

Yesterday I talked about storing contact form submissions, but we also need to deliver the emails they generate, so today I am talking about the Symfony Mailer module.

While it’s possible you may not need to do anything special to send email from your website, just let the default PHP handler take care of delivery, this can be highly dependent on how your webserver is configured, and delivery problems can arise.

By james, 10 December, 2022

It’s day ten of the Drupal Advent Calendar. Wow, double digits!

I want to talk about collecting information from website users, and that often means putting some sort of form on your site, whether it’s a simple contact form or a complex multi-page survey.

Drupal has a built in module for handling this. It’s called Contact, and by default a new Drupal site has a Contact form active. This allows you to fill out a contact form and it will generate an email to inform the site admin.

By james, 9 December, 2022

Welcome to day 9 of the Drupal Advent Calendar!

First I must apologise for yesterday. I posted the link to the post of the day on various social media, but I forgot to set the post into a published state before I shared, so nobody could access it.

So today I am sharing a way of preventing this sort of mistake.

Enter the Scheduled Publish module. Instead of manually scheduling a post it allows it to be automatically scheduled at a specified time, cutting out the risk of forgetting to hit “publish”.

By james, 8 December, 2022


Here we are for day 8 of the Drupal Advent Calendar. Yesterday I hinted that today’s module would make yesterday Address module better. It might have sounded like there was some sort of plan. Believe me, nothing could be further from the truth.

By james, 7 December, 2022


Welcome back to the Drupal Advent Calendar for another door opening, and it’s day 7. Seven days? A whole week! I’m frankly quite amazed that it’s lasted this long!

Inside today’s door nestles the Address module. On the surface this is a very simple module, but it hides a fair bit of complexity.

By james, 6 December, 2022

Welcome to day 6 of the Drupal Advent Calendar, and today’s door is another simple yet helpful module.

Have you ever had a piece of content that you needed to have someone review before going live?

Of course you could copy and paste it into an email, but that can be error prone, and may not appear exactly as it will be on the site, so errors with formatting can be missed.