By james, 5 December, 2022
Advent Calendar door 5 containing Talking Drupal icon

It’s Monday, and time to open door 5. Behind it we find Talking Drupal, not a module but a podcast. What’s that, day 5 and I’ve already strayed from my mission statement? If you knew me, you’d say “wow, you managed to stay on point for four whole posts?” I told you there was no plan!

So, yes, a podcast.

Talking Drupal comes out every Monday, and is always worth a listen.

Each week a new topic is discussed. Usually it’s about a Drupal project or initiative, though sometimes the link to Drupal can be a little tangential, and can feature people who work with Drupal talking about aspects of their life.

One recent example was a show about Neurodiversity with guest Matthew Saunders. I thought it was a very brave topic to cover, and the team did a great job of asking intelligent and sensitive questions, while Matthew was very open with his answers.

Other shows cover topics closely related to Drupal, involving people from outside the community, such as the recent episode about CKEditor 5.

The majority of shows talk about key aspects of the Drupal project, often with key people from the project, such as the recent episode featuring Tim Lehnen from the Drupal Association, talking about the Drupal Credit System.

I couldn’t possibly cover the wide range of topics that the show has covered over its nearly 10 year history. The current regular hosts Nic Laflin and John Picozzi are both entertaining and informative, and always know when to ask the right probing questions of their guests. For the last couple of years they have also had a succession of guest hosts that reads like a “who’s who” of the Drupal community.

If you’re a regular listener, you’re probably already waiting for this week’s episode to drop. If not, what are you waiting for? Get over there and listen to the archive while you wait.

Join me again tomorrow, when I’ll get back to covering Drupal modules.

Advent Calendar with door 5 open revealing the Talking Drupal podcast



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